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"If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else."

 ~ Booker T. Washington

Our Mission

"You CAN make a difference and bring about change".

We’re calling on all like minded people (military & civilian alike) to help us lift up scholars, mentors, educators, and USNA alumni charitable efforts focused on communities of color, through networking and fiscal support, to overcome and eliminate barriers to minority success and wealth!

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"You recognize the need to end social and racial inequity but are unsure what to do about it, so we provide the path to overcoming barriers to success."

~ Juan Silva, President, 7TH BATT

Path to Success

7TH BATT is proud to sponsor the following initiatives and your donations WILL remove financial barriers and BE the catalyst for change.

1.  My Brother's Keeper Mentor Program in Houston, TX:

     a.  $15 will fund one student's team dinner for one month; $180 will fund that one student's               monthly team dinners for the entire year so they can continue enhancing mentor/mentee                   relationships in a positive and safe environment.
     b.  $30 will supply one student with a program t-shirt and backpack, so they have a sense of             belonging and community.
     c.  $50 will fund one senior's SAT/ACT test; $250 will fund tests for five seniors and help them           prepare for college.

2.  Student league baseball team in Memphis, TN: 

     a.  $50 will fund one senior's SAT/ACT test.
     b.  $250 will fund tests for five seniors and help them prepare for college.

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"You CAN make a difference and bring about change"

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