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Scholarships for Normandale Foundation's Sirtify Program!

Minneapolis, MN (August 28, 2023) – 7TH BATT partners with the Normandale Foundation and commits to support by contributing to the Normandale Community College Sirtify program scholarship fund. The Sirtify program is designed to recruit and support Black, African American, and African men in elementary and secondary education pathways.

7TH BATT is proud and excited to support this program, which is needed to help address a lack of diversity in the teaching profession. By providing scholarships to Sirtify students, 7TH BATT is helping to ensure that more Black men have the opportunity to become teachers and make a positive impact on students’ lives.

According to data for the 2017-18 school year, Minnesota schools enrolled 97,669 Black/African-American students in all grades, but only 875 (1.4%) of Minnesota's K-12 teachers were Black. Additionally, studies looking at Black students in the elementary grades showed that those with a Black male teacher were 29% less likely to drop out of school years later and 39% for very low-income Black students.

The Sirtify program is working to close the gaps noted above by providing its students with access to leadership and cultural competency training, as well as academic and professional support as they transition from the community college into a four-year college or university to complete their education degree. Students also receive an annual scholarship up to $10,000 which covers books, tuition, a living stipend, and needed supplies.

“I want the young men going through this program to gain the educational, cultural, social, and career preparation to be resilient so they can be change agents, champions and advocates for all students,” said Marvis Kilgore, Sirtify Program Coordinator.“ 7TH BATT’s investment will help ensure that more Black men have the opportunity to pursue a career in education.

The Sirtify program is a two-year program that leads to an associate degree in education. Students in the program participate in coursework, field experiences, and mentoring. The program also provides students with access to financial assistance, including scholarships from 7TH BATT and the Normandale Foundation.

Visit to learn more and to watch a brief local news story about the Sirtify program. Also, below are pics from this year's induction ceremony, which is the first public step for program participants to receive a red necktie and start their educational journey.

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